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How to Increase Engagement on your WordPress sites?

When you create a website, you surely want people to know about it, explore it, and engage with it. And as we talk about creating a website, we must mention WordPress, as it stands as one of the most popular website-building platforms.

So, it does not matter what kind of website you create using WordPress. If you have a website, you need Engagement. Especially when you have a business website, you need that your website has an engaging element. And that is because Engagement means more chances of getting website traffic, which eventually helps get better brand recognition. Long story, in short – an engaging website provides some amazing benefits that might assist you in reaching your business goals.

And if you are looking for some simple ways to make your website more engaging, then you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the smart and easy to increase the Engagement of WordPress website that can help you in the long run.

These are some easy-to-follow techniques and hacks that enhance the Engagement of WordPress website and eventually help you in reaching your business goals. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Simple techniques to Increase Engagement on WordPress website

Increasing Engagement of WordPress website is not rocket science. By following some simple techniques, you can easily fulfill the purpose. 

For your convenience, we have filtered below some of the easy hacks that can help you increase your website. You can follow these tips even if you belong to a non-technical background. 

1. Add relatable posts to your website

Take this as a primary tip, and visitors will only consider visiting your website if you can provide them with a relatable post. There is no denying that content is the king, and this applies to every platform.

Content will attract viewers and audiences to your content if they find it relatable, and as they find it relatable, it will hold them. So if the content on your website is relatable, it will eventually help you get more visitors and keep them coming back. Such is the impact of relatable content.

So set your target audience, and provide content related to them. It will not only help you in making a connection with them but will also help you to reach out to your audience.

2. Add social media posts on your website

No one can deny that social media platforms contain that element of entertainment and Engagement. Therefore, you can opt to embed a social media feed on the WordPress website to make it more lively and engaging. 

Many social media widget plugins are readily available on the WordPress plugin store that helps you collect, curate, customize, and display social media feeds on WordPress.

And while you are at it, we recommend you to use Instagram. Instagram has grown exponentially and now stands as one of the most popular social media platforms. It consists of many audiences who never fail to deliver amazing and engaging content. You can utilize this content for your website, such as you can embed Instagram feed on WordPress

Various committed Instagram feed plugins help you in gathering and showcasing Instagram feeds. Or you can even opt to use social media aggregator tools that provide a dedicated Instagram Widget for WordPress that enables you to display Instagram feeds on the website.

3. Add testimonials

No matter what kind of product consumers want to purchase, they review at least once. Often consumers wander to different websites and platforms only to read the reviews. It helps them know the product better and make their purchase decision.

Reviews also help consumers to know about different use cases of the product and eventually helps them know how a particular product can bring change to their respective lives. Therefore they remain engaged in the reviews and testimonials.

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So while having a website, make sure you have added reviews and testimonials of your previous users. It has more than one benefit. Some of them are – It will make your website engaging as more consumers would be able to read and go through it at least once because consumers do not want to spend money on something that isn’t worth it. 

Secondly, it builds credibility to your website. Third, it helps in building a review cycle. How? So when a consumer reads the review on your website, it will encourage them to write reviews and get a mention on the website. 

4. Minimalistic Web Design or Contrast

Minimalistic design of your website makes your website more attractive and appealing. It is not always about making your website filled with colors and animation. The most important thing about building a website from scratch is to understand first what is your website all about and how you can hold onto your audience with it. 

For the matter of fact most of the websites are super simple with few color combinations and photos and can still be able to describe the whole business and some of them are far too filled with color, animations and images but still couldn’t represent their business.

And when it comes to SEO friendly websites then at those the minimalistic websites rank higher than the ones filled with animations and images.

However, it completely depends on the type of business you’re in. If your business is all about graphics and animations then you have to fill your website with it to showcase your portfolio to influence visitors to make decisions. And if your business is about agencies then you can go with simple and minimalistic design.


The competition in the market is getting fierce with each passing day. As new brands and businesses are joining this race and competition, you need to add some element to your website that helps you stand out and help you in the long run. The tips mentioned above are amazing ways to add Engagement of WordPress website. So, when you make your website marketing strategies, try to work on these tips.