Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker– East Coast paintball

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker– East Coast paintball

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker– East Coast paintball

Whether in the woods or hidden behind bunkers, the empire axe 2.0 continues to wreak havoc on its rivals. The newly improved perfect player marker is precise, lightweight, and smooth all at the same time.


Asa regulator relay with on/off leverwrap-around foregrip with micro-texture for non-slip protection from the elements foregrip accepts the aftermarket drop-in oled redline board. Push-button bolt removal system for tool-less engine maintenance lightweight and accurate driver xx two-piece barrel superior velocity consistency for shot-on-shot accuracy low-pressure operations are gentle on delicate paint.the empire axe 2.0, which retails for a reasonable price, is 10% better, faster, and lighter than the previous model.

Operation at low pressure: the Axe 2.0 can be used with any hpa or compressed air tank. The gun is extremely paint-friendly because the operating pressure is close to 180 psi.

Electronics: the marker is turned on and fully programable with a single push of a power switch. The shockwave software, which gives you the most flexibility, has already been added to the stock board. Additionally, switching between semi-automatic, burst, ramp, and fully automatic firing modes is simple.

The simple-to-use relay ASA makes gassing your gun a breeze. The relay asa bleeds all of the air from the gun with a single switch, making the tank very simple to remove.

The empire axe 2.0 marker paintball gun will help you improve your game because of its lightweight design, improved weather resistance, and flawless accuracy.

With a poppet engine that is controlled by pressure and constant velocity, this paintball gun offers the highest level of dependability. The shockwave board is simple to use, and it has firing modes that can be changed you can go Largest paintball & airsoft marketplace in usa – buy online.

You will undoubtedly improve your shot with the textured foregrip.

Design dependable pressure-controlled poppet engine break-beam anti-chop laser eyes that can be serviced externally shockwave board with adjustable firing modes semi, ramp, burst, and full auto firing modes are available.

Relaytm venting asa regulator and on/off lever non-slip, wrap-around micro-textured foregrip driver xx two-piece barrel tool-less engine maintenance with push-button bolt removal consistent velocity for accurate shots suitable for fragile paint with low-pressure operation this gun is affordable, has a lot of great features, and it will shoot well right out of the box without any additional upgrades.

The empire axe 2.0 is a great paintball gun because of these key features.

Shockwave board: this stock board has numerous firing modes to suit any circumstance. The gun can quickly transition from semi-auto to ramping, burst, or the popular fully auto mode.

The axe diet: the brand-new empire axe 2.0 went on a diet and lost 10% of its weight. It is now one of the lightest paintball guns available, making it easier to use than ever.

Lp bolt system: the axe 2.0’s firing system operates at a very low operating pressure of approximately 175 psi. This indicates that tournament paint that is the brittleest or thinnest can be handled by axe 2.

The axe 2.0’s bolt/firing system can be removed with a single button press. Seal lubrication and occasional o-ring replacement are two examples of the kind of upkeep that will be required in this area. Simply slide the bolt system back in and snap it into place after tuning it up.

The empire axe 2.0 marker paintball gun, now available at action center paintball, will help you improve your game thanks to its lightweight design, flawless accuracy, and improved weather resistance quality control.

With a poppet engine that is controlled by pressure and constant velocity, this paintball gun offers the highest level of dependability.

 The shockwave board is simple to use, and it has firing modes that can be changed. You will undoubtedly improve your shot with the textured foregrip.

Electronic paintball marker empire mini gs.

68 caliberthe new Empire GS Mini marker from East coast paintball is the successor to the illustrious invert mini! The mini’s demonstrated performance, ergonomic design, hoseless eyes, and clamping feedneck all surpass all expectations. The mini gs is the result of years of work to refine the game-winning design and make it easier to use and maintain.

Tournament-ready, battle-proven paintball marker with multiple adjustable firing modes (including psp and mill) adjustable from 250 to 325 feet per second; pressure-controlled poppet engine for outstanding performance integrated break -anti-chop beam eyes- drop accepted by foregripoled boards with redlines- on/off venting asa regulator – through-grip air transfer for no external air hoses- new micro-honed, ported aluminum barrel – wraplook no further if you’re just getting started or want to upgrade from your entry-level gun.

The mini GS has technology that is on par with paintball guns that cost more than $1,000. If you want to play woodsball, paintball, scenario events, tournament fields, or just for fun, this is the gun for you.

Do you want to stand out and be different? Custom anodized and specialty empire mini gs guns are among the colours we offer in the greatest quantity anywhere.

The most recent and up-to-date mini gs guns are all in our selection.

The guns all have an upgraded two-piece barrel kit from the previous version of the gs, which improves accuracy.in addition, it comes with the most recent firmware, which is easier to programme and has more features than the gun’s previous iterations.

The mini gs’s ease of upkeep is yet another compelling factor to consider.

The gun is extremely durable and requires very little upkeep to function at its best. The majority can be accomplished by simply removing the bolt assembly from the gun’s back, cleaning it, coating it with oil or grease, and then reinstalling it.

No. Paintball Markers Price Link 
1Empire axe 2.0  $549.95 USDBUY NOW 
2Empire Mini GS  $424.95 USDBUY NOW 
3Eclipse-Etha 2.50  $489.95 USDBUY NOW 
4Eclipse GTEK 170R Black  $895.95 USDBUY NOW 
5Dye Rize CZR paintball gun  $374.95 USDBUY NOW 

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