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In front of a piece of clothing, it is possible to make a series of applications to make it personalized. Among the main options are embroidery and print . Choosing one of them can be a reason for doubt for many people. And even for companies to use an embroidered or printed uniform. We use both the printing and embroidery and we also do hat embroidery in Dallas. To define the best choice for your business, continue in this post.

Important roles of clothes and their role as uniforms

The manufacture of garments is a universe full of possibilities. In addition to several cuts and different functions, clothing created by the textile sector is always surprising.

Big fashion shows bring more and more possibilities. Well, they follow the trends of the moment, creating new ways of dressing and achieving a good visual image.

In fact, the clothes you wear are one of the most important elements of everyday life. It allows for a good looking assembly. In addition to promoting comfort and beauty, anyone’s desire. 

Thus, the plethora of clothing models found in stores in the sector is surprising. There are several collections, in which you can see clothes for adults and children, men and women, underwear, gym, leisure, among others.

It is no wonder that the textile segment is one of the strongest in the market, precisely because it is responsible for providing clothing for different situations. Thus, allowing people to find pieces that meet expectations and desires.

Therefore, it is common to find a dress with a different cut, pants with decorative elements, etc. Not forgetting accessories such as scarves and hats, all full of details that please the public.

It is also worth mentioning that the clothing items can be of basic pattern, that is, simple shirts in a single color. They are essential for establishments that want to create their own clothing, such as the  supermarket uniform.

In this sense, basic clothing items become indispensable for several companies in the market. Even for schools, where the uniform is a safety item. For companies from different sectors the need is the same.

But, with the aim of customizing the piece, that is, inserting the logo, a basic doubt arises, but which makes all the difference: embroider or print? 

Understanding better the embroidered and printed uniform

To ensure that a simple t-shirt becomes a company uniform shirt , you must insert the establishment’s logo into the fabric. So that it is possible to identify the place to which it refers.

Therefore, the shirt must be applied with the logo, which can be done in two main ways: by embroidery or stamping.

A common question is about the best way to do this, but it is necessary to understand how they work.

The truth is that both have their benefits. Therefore, it is difficult to define which one would be the best option. In this case, knowing the characteristics of each one is essential to make weights and choose the one that makes the most sense.

Embroidered Uniform

Embroidery is a technique that can be done manually or electronically, in order to customize a uniform. In general, the logo has a more delicate appearance, in addition to being considered elegant.

It’s also a versatile way to reproduce designs, names or various shapes. It can be applied to shirts, t-shirts, aprons, lab coats, pants, caps and many other types of garments.

Cleaning an embroidered uniform is simple, just like any other piece of clothing, without damage. Therefore, it becomes an interesting option for several companies.

This type of technique is mainly indicated for companies that want to embroider small or medium quantities of professional clothes. Since the process is quite simple.

To be done, you need to have the logo vectorized. Then, the design or name you want to embroider and insert it into a specific machine, which performs the process automatically. That is, it is an interesting technique that offers a good result. 

Printed Uniform

Anyone has, in their wardrobe, a printed piece, whether with a phrase, a word or a drawing. This is a kind of simple technique for decorating clothes, and that’s why it’s very common to find varied options on the market. 

Also, to customize a certain amount of t-shirts for an event, for example, it is common to go to a quick print shop near me. And order multiple pieces with peace of mind.

In this sense, in the same way as applying prints to promotional clothing, printing professional uniforms is also very easy. The truth is that the process helps, as you can include various types of images, colors, designs and sizes.

Therefore, a company that needs to order a large quantity of uniforms, or even an average one, can opt for stamping.

After all, to print a piece it is necessary to create a screen for the colors that will be used. This represents a significant cost to the company, so a large number of parts justifies the investment.

Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of the embroidered x printed uniform

Given this scenario, it is also necessary to measure the costs and benefits of ordering a certain amount of tag for clothing.  Checking whether the embroidery or print makes more sense is essential.

To make the evaluation, then, it is necessary to consider some elements involved in choosing the best technique for customizing t-shirts or shirts, some of which are:

  • The type of fabric or garment ;
  • The number of pieces;
  • The presence of colors;
  • The purpose of use.

In other words, just as the print is ideal for pieces of more basic fabric, such as T-shirts, the embroidery works well for more elaborate items, even being indicated for caps.

The number of pieces also influences, with embroidery indicated for small orders. This is because the costs of printing can be higher, since it requires a screen for each color used, and therefore ends up being ideal for large orders.

Finally, the purpose of use is another important element. After all, printed t-shirts end up being a great option for specific campaigns, being the most seen alternative in various campaigns.

The advantages of embroidered and printed uniforms

To consider which of the two techniques makes more sense, it may be essential to be aware of the advantages of each one, which makes all the difference to being more satisfied with the final result. 

Thus, in the same way that one chooses one among several professional uniform launderettes precisely. Because of the quality of the services provided. Selecting the embroidery or print to apply a company’s logo to the uniform is essential.

employee comfort

A detail when choosing between embroidery and print can take into account the comfort of the person wearing the shirt. Embroideries can have an internal lining, depending on the type of thread. Precisely to avoid friction between the material and the skin.

Meanwhile, the print can leave the region where it was applied a little different from the rest of the fabric. But after a few uses, it regains its natural comfort.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider this point, mainly for reasons of care with the uniform. In the same way that a personalized label for clothing should not be uncomfortable during the use of the garment, embroidery and printing should also be pleasant.

Insertion of the logo in different regions of the piece

It is also necessary to take into account the region in which you want the logo to be positioned. Thus, in places where there is sewing, for example, embroidery is the ideal technique. 

But if there is no specific determination, both embroidery and print can be used without reservations. Whether on t-shirts, shirts, pants or any other garment.

beauty of the logo

Finally, it is worth mentioning that any of the company’s logo application techniques offer a satisfactory result in terms of beauty.

What must be taken into account is that embroidery, in general, uses fewer colors, while prints can be quite colorful. Thus, it is necessary to decide based on the type of image that you want to apply to the uniform piece.

These are some of the advantages that can be seen both in embroidery and in print, so the choice of the best one should be made based on the characteristics of the company.

Final considerations

The embroidered uniform and the printed uniform are two practical and interesting techniques for applying a logo to a business uniform, allowing the pieces to be customized as desired.

Just as you hire a clothes laundry service based on the features it offers, choosing the best technique depends on the company’s needs, which must determine the cost-benefit ratio.

Therefore, be sure to consider embroidery and printing, analyzing and selecting the desired option, which can also be changed as the company’s uniforms are being improved.

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