Efficient Packing Tips for Your Upcoming House Move

Packing is something that plays a major role when it comes to protecting your items during the process of the move. If your packing is safe enough, your belongings can survive the transitional period very easily. There is no magic that can get the ball rolling over packing. You have to work upon your skills and arrange for the necessary supplies to keep your belongings safe throughout the process.

It takes time to pack for a move!

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Here is what all you need to know while packing your belongings for the move

  1. Clean your belongings properly

Before you pack your belongings for the move it is very important that they are clean. You can clean them after reaching your new house but as you are moving to a new house so it would be better if you find your belongings neat and clean when you unpacking them.

• When it comes to cleaning your electronic appliances then you can refer the user manual, they must have mentioned what you have to do for safe cleaning.

• When it comes to cleaning furniture items then you just have to take a clean and dry cloth to remove the dust and dirt. You can also take a cleaning brush to clean the nooks and corners of the furniture pieces.

• Kitchen items can also be cleaned with a clean and dry cloth so that you just have to arrange them in the racks when you unpack them in the new house.

This way you will be able to clean things properly during the course of your move.

  1. Apply packing paper to all your items

Packing paper is used as the first protective layer on your belongings. It creates a base for your belongings so that the other packing material also sticks to it properly. Make sure you purchase the soft quality of packing paper. Because the base layer should always be the most appropriate one.

When you pack fragile items with packing paper then make sure you pack them on a flat surface. And for that you need to set a packing station on a table. For instance, when you are packing crockery items in the kitchen then you will have to do that on a flat table so that you don’t end up breaking any of the fragile items from the kitchen.

  1. Bubble wrap for added protection

It is used as the second layer over the items because it is made of air filled soft plastic bubble. You might be thinking that why it is not used as the first layer? Because it is quiet sticky and whey you apply it directly on the surface, it will stick to the items and there is a possibility that these items lose their shine. Its thickness protects your belongings even if they have to face any bump during the move.

When you cover your belonging with packing paper then the next step is to protect them with the help of bubble wrap. Make sure you arrange for enough bubble wrap because in this blog you will get to know that it can be used for other purposes in the process of packing.

  1. Cardboard boxes

When you complete packing your items with packing paper and bubble wrap then its time to prepare your cardboard boxes for packing. Make sure you purchase good quality of cardboard boxes. They should not have any pre-existing signs of damage. Before you start keeping your items in the boxes it is very important to protect it with packing tape from the bottom and put a layer of packing paper for added protection so that your belongings get a base before you pack them.

  1. Keep the lighter items on the top

You cannot just throw your belongings in the box. There is a way to keep your belongings in the cardboard box. Place the heavier items in the bottom and the lighter ones on the top. There are a few reasons to do that:

• This will balances the box while the boxes are stacked in the current house, in the moving truck or in the new house.

• It helps the ones who lifts and loads it to maintain the balance.

• The lighter ones don’t face any pressure and hence the chances of damage reduce.

  1. Make sure you don’t leave any empty spaces in the box

It is one of the most important steps of packing. You need to immobilize your boxes so that they don’t hit each other or moving during the process. Fill the empty spaces in the boxes with the help of bubble wrap, crumpled paper or socks. This things will not let the items inside the boxes to move and cause damage to each other.

  1. Fabric Sheets

It is used to protect the items that are heavy and oversized. These are the thick sheets made of fabric to protect these items from any kind of small dents and scratches.

For instance, it is used to protect specialty items, electronic appliances, furniture pieces and the like. You can pack your items with cardboard pieces and then apply the fabric sheets over them so that your items stay protected throughout the move.

  1. Apply the packing tape carefully

Make sure you use the good quality of packing paper that sticks the packing material. Don’t put the packing tape directly on your belongings otherwise the surface of your belongings will get damaged and leave the adhesive residue behind.

So, these are the ways that will help you in packing your belongings for the move. If you think that you won’t be able to do it on your own then it is advisable to hire Agarwal packers and movers so that you can concentrate on other important tasks related to the move.

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