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Earthquake Anticipation

Before the Earthquake:
A. The Master Key is
Recognize what is called an earthquake;
Ensure that the structure and location of your house can be protected from hazards caused by earthquakes (landslides, liquefaction etc.);
Evaluate and renovate your building structure to avoid earthquake hazards.

B. Know the Environment You Work in
Pay attention to the location of doors, elevators and emergency stairs, in the event of an earthquake, you already know the safest place to take shelter;
Learn to do first aid;
Learn to use a fire extinguisher;
Write down important telephone numbers that can be contacted in the event of an earthquake.

C. Routine preparation at the place where you work and live
Furniture (cupboards, cabinets, etc.) are arranged against the wall (nailed, tied, etc.) to avoid falling, collapsing, shifting during an earthquake.
Store flammable materials in a non-breakable place to avoid fire.
Always turn off water, gas and electricity when not in use.

D. The most common cause of accidents during earthquakes is the fall of material
Set heavy objects as far as possible on the bottom
Check the stability of hanging objects that may fall during an earthquake (eg lamps etc.).

E. A must-have tool in every place
First aid kit;
Flashlight/battery light;
Food supplements and water.

When an Earthquake Occurs:
A. If you are inside a building,
Protect your body and head from building debris by hiding under tables etc;
Find the safest place from the rubble and shaking;
Run outside if it’s still possible

B. If outside a building or open area,
Avoid buildings that are around you such as buildings, power poles, trees, etc
Pay attention to where you stand, avoid if there is a crack in the ground

C. If you are driving a car,
Get out, get off and away from the car avoid in case of shift or fire;
Do point B.

D. If you live or are at the beach,
Stay away from the beach to avoid the danger of a tsunami.

E. If you live in a mountainous area,
In the event of an earthquake, avoid areas where landslides may occur.

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