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Different Features, Driving Goals And Types Of Tyres

Types Of Tyres

Different Features, Driving Goals And Types Of Tyres

Tyres are extremely important for your vehicle. Your car is a car only because of its tyres. If tyres are not there, your car will become a large iron box. However, a car has a lot of vital functions but the movement of a car depends on tyres.

Nowadays, a lot of types of Dunlop Tyres Northampton are available in the market. This condition is indeed inspiring for car drivers because they have a lot of choices for their vehicles. However, drivers may feel confused because of a lot of features. If a car owner does not have sufficient knowledge about car tyres, they cannot buy a set of car tyres according to their features.

Looking at the traits of car tyres is also important because of the demands of your vehicle. Every tyre cannot support your vehicle. you have to look at your user guide to know more about appropriate features in car tyres that your vehicle supports.

In this article, we will discuss different features and types of car tyres. Moreover, we will surely talk about different driving goals as well.

Common Traits Of Car Tyres


Tyres are not of the same size. Since different sizes of vehicles are available, we have to install tyres after looking at their size as well. The wrong size of tyres can be a clear risk to handling, performance and safety of the vehicle. You do not need to worry about the size of the tyre in your vehicle. Carmakers provide necessary information about tyre size in the user manual, you have to follow the instructions.

Speed rating:

The main task of car tyres is running on roads at high speed. However, limitless speed may lead to accidents, blowouts, punctures, and serious damage to the tyre’s structure.

Therefore, tyres come with different speed ratings. We can take the example of racing cars. Racing cars come with high speed ratings but normal passenger cars do not need such levels of speed ratings.

Rubber Material:

Rubber material is not also same in car tyres. it can be softer or harder according to the seasonal conditions. Tyres with softer rubber compound wear at a faster rate whereas tyres with hard rubber are going to serve you for a long time. The gripping power of tyres depends on the nature of the rubber material as well.

Loading Capacity:

Tyres have to carry the load of the vehicle. Therefore, they come with a certain loading strength just like speed rating. Setting a certain limit for loading is necessary because your car tyres cannot carry an unlimited amount of load. Experts are not in favour of overloading because of potential damage to your tyres.

Gripping Power On Dry And Wet Roads:

Grip and traction on dry and wet roads:

A vehicle needs to be stable on roads to keep the passengers safe. The stability of a car depends on the efficiency and gripping power of car tyres.

A lot of factors are responsible for grip and traction in tyres, such as tread pattern, tread depth, rubber material, and road surface. These factors are not constant. Therefore, the gripping strength of car tyres will change according to road and weather conditions at the same time.

For example, winter tyres provide excellent grip and traction on cold and snowy roads. The same tyres are not so effective on dry and hot roads.

Tread pattern:

The tread pattern is a vital feature of every car tyre. Tyres come with symmetrical, asymmetrical and directional tread patterns to meet different driving objectives.

A tread pattern completely changes the behaviour of a tyre in different road and weather conditions. if we talk about directional tread patterns, tyres with this pattern are exceptionally effective on wet roads. On the other hand, you would not find a symmetrical pattern very effective on the same surface.

The effectiveness of a tread pattern depends on its depth as well.

As you see, there are different traits in tyres that you must consider before buying new tyres.

Driving goals may change according to seasonal conditions, road conditions, driving preferences, and cost. Therefore, tyre manufacturers make many categories of tyres according to these driving requirements.

Let us have a look at common types.

Seasonal tyres:

As the name suggests, these tyres are perfect for seasonal challenges. Tyre manufacturers make winter tyres for cold months, summer tyres for the summer season and all-season tyres for both cold and hot weather conditions.

You have to look at the weather conditions of your place to choose appropriate tyres for your vehicle.

Terrain tyres:

Not only weather but road conditions can be risky for car drivers. Moreover, drivers do not always drive their vehicles in the same road conditions. Therefore, conquering road conditions can also be a goal for car owners.

All-terrain tyres are ready to serve you in both on-road and off-road conditions. You can use mud tyres for your vehicle if you often drive your vehicle on rocks, snow, sand and soil. Highway tyres are normal standard tyres that you use on streets.

Price-based tyres:

If saving money is your prime goal, manufacturers have suitable tyres for you as well. They offer premium tyres, mid-range tyres and budget tyres.

You can assume that premium tyres are at the peak of the price and you can get budget tyres at the cheapest price.

As you see, there are a lot of types of tyres that you may select for your vehicle. If you want to make a good decision, do not choose only Cheap Tyres Northampton but try to choose a set of tyres that is perfectly suitable for your car. However, It is always a good decision if you get an affordable deal besides getting a high-quality product.