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Deep Sea Fishing in Costa Rica

For die-hard fishermen (and women!) The ease of fishing in Costa Rica can be a huge shock! Here, it is not an endurance sport to fish in the sun under a clear blue sky in crystal clear waters: here there are no shacks over an icy hole! So you can leave those rain jackets and sweaters at home and get ready to enjoy the outdoors and fish too!

The Pacific Ocean swims with Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin, Tuna, Grooper, Roosterfish and Snapper, just to name a sample of the most common species. If you are looking for Kingfish, Jack, Mackerel, Tarpon, and Snook, head to the rivers and the Atlantic Ocean to find them. Most fish are in season, so check to see if you have a burning desire to catch a certain type, but otherwise rest assured that any time of year is a good time to fish.

The tourism industry has been fulfilling the wishes of offshore fishing tourists successfully for several years and you should check with the different agencies and tour operators before booking your trip so that you can get the best package or day trip roosterfish . One option is to rent a boat for a day, or half a day, for yourself, your family and / or friends. Charters generally include food, soda, bait, and tackle with prices for a full day starting at around $ 1,000.

Fishing off the coast of Costa Rica has long been an occupation for locals to feed their families and market their catch. Experienced anglers will marvel at the skill of men who can catch enough fish to make a living with no more than one or two hand lines held up the side of a wooden boat. I’ve even seen a true pro with one between his toes too! But whether you want to test hand lines yourself or embrace all the technology provided by a modern rod; you will find it here in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a country that strives to protect and preserve the natural environment with which it has been blessed in abundance, so follow a ‘catch and release’ policy when fishing, unless of course you plan to cook your! catch later!

Where to go:

This list is far from exhaustive, but hopefully it will bring you some highlights!

Quepos, Pacific Coast – A well-established fishing port, Quepos can offer everything from inexpensive packages of about $ 1,000 for a three-day trip, almost all-inclusive, to luxury charters with incredible extras like a ‘tuna tower’ or a ‘fighting chair’ priced in the thousands.

Los Sueos, Pacific Coast: The name of this resort means “The Dreams.” What else needs to be said? This is a prime location for Marlin, Sailfish and luxury charter boats.

Tamarindo and Flamingo: two popular vacation destinations for North American tourists and retirees; Unsurprisingly, they are also great fishing spots. Particularly good for roosterfish, but also expect to catch marlin, tuna, wahoo, and sailfish when in season.

Drake Bay, Osa Pennisula: Due to its geography, this area is often considered to have the best inshore fishing in the entire country. Check out the package deals, as it’s not the easiest place to get to in Costa Rica on your own, but it’s certainly worth it!