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Taxi insurance quotes

It’s important to keep in mind that different vehicle types will need varying levels of coverage, which will result in varying taxi insurance quotes. There are numerous variations of taxi insurance that we might set up. You can obtain insured-only policies or named driver insurance from the panel of insurers with which we partner. Depending on whether you want to purchase insurance for a single cover or for your entire taxi fleet, you will have a wide range of options available to you.

Please contact us and make sure you have the necessary documentation on hand if you want to purchase taxi insurance. Decide if you’re purchasing insurance as a person or a business, for instance, before you begin. Your contact information and basic information are required. Make sure to have your vehicle’s VIN and your license close at hand to expedite the procedure. Your taxi insurance quotes are easier to obtain than you would imagine. Please contact us so that we may gladly prepare one for you.

What makes taxi insurance necessary?

Taxi insurance is required if you drive for a living. When you operate a vehicle that is being rented out for business purposes, it is intended to protect you, your vehicle, and your clients. To apply for a coverage, you must possess a complete taxi driving license. Insurance plans can cover any type of taxi service, including traditional black cabs and ride-hailing apps like Uber. The ability to secure your livelihood in the event of a claim being made against you is crucially facilitated by having the proper type of automobile insurance cover.

The benefits of using Protect My Taxi to compare taxi insurance quotes

We contrast various providers  so that you can have an easier time while looking for taxi insurance quotes. The average time to complete a taxi insurance quotation on Protect My Taxi is less than six minutes.

A simple way to get a lower price might be to compare taxi insurance quotes with us. We work with some of the most reputable taxi insurance brokers and providers in the UK, we’ll present you with some excellent offers. We can assist you in finding the best deal by comparing insurance based on price, policy cover level, add-ons, or annual or monthly payment arrangements.

What is the price of taxi insurance?

Your age, the kind and size of car you drive, your annual mileage, and the region where you intend to travel are all factors that affect the price of taxi insurance. However, research from Protect My Taxi shows that up to £1,829 could be offered to 51 percent of the overall of taxi drivers annually. 51 percent of the total of our clients received taxi insurance quotes for less than £1,828.06 in December 2022.

What distinguishes taxi insurance for private hiring from that for public hire?

You operate a cab that needs to be scheduled in advance and cannot be flagged down on the street, private hire insurance may protect you. If you operate a minicab or drive for Uber, you’ll need this kind of taxi insurance.

If your cab can be stopped on the street or picked up from a taxi rank, public hire insurance offers coverage. Public hire taxis are frequently company-owned and will have a taxi sign on top of the car, just like the well-known London black cabs.

What sort of insurance am I required to have for a taxi?

Just like with all forms of motor insurance, there are three different levels of coverage available for taxis: 

Third-party Taxi insurance

Third-party liability auto insurance offers security. Any harm or destruction you cause to another person or their property—including their vehicle—will be covered by your third-party auto insurance. For you to legally operate a vehicle on UK roads, you must have this amount of coverage. You won’t receive any financial assistance from it, though, for your own injuries or for the cost of fixing your taxi.

third party, fire, and theft taxi insurance cover

Third party, fire, and theft insurance offers coverage for the same occurrences as third party insurance in addition to providing compensation if your cab is stolen or burned down. Your taxi will not be compensated for accident-related damage costs.

Comprehensive insurance cover

In addition to providing the same protection as a third-party, fire, and theft policy, fully comprehensive insurance can also indemnify you as the driver for damages to your taxi. What 

should taxi insurance protect against?

Public liability insurance ought to be a part of taxi insurance, ideally. If a passenger is hurt or their property is destroyed while riding in your cab, this could cover any legal or compensation claims from that passenger.

Taxi insurance also considers the following:

  • In comparison to private vehicles, taxis frequently log more miles.
  • Regular interactions between passengers, particularly intoxicated and disorderly individuals, occur with taxi drivers.
  • Taxis are frequently operated in congested areas and under pressure.
  • Driving frequently occurs at odd hours.
  • In the UK, a taxi rank

How do I find affordable taxi insurance?

Start by carefully selecting your automobile. It’s recommended picking a four-door vehicle with a low insurance group if you’re purchasing a new automobile to operate as a taxicab.

A multiple purpose automobile with a low insurance group is preferable. When purchasing a new car to employ as a taxi, if at all possible. However, given the nature of your work, you’ll also need to be aware of fuel usage statistics.

The type of taxi service you wish to offer may also play a role. For example, you might want to offer an executive service and require a more opulent car to match. All of these elements may have an influence on the cost of your taxi  insurance quotes.

In order to lower the price of taxi insurance quotes, you could:

  • Increasing one’s no-claims discounts
  • Drive carefully to minimize penalties, as they may result in rising premiums
  • for example, installing an immobilizer can make your car more secure. It might be necessary to speak with your insurance company directly in order to have any savings reflected in your insurance premium.
  • installing a dash camera in your cab
  • comparing taxi insurance quotes for taxis.
  • While you are shopping around, don’t just pick the cheapest taxi insurance. Since policies do differ, think about if it provides you with the appropriate level of coverage. You are earning money from this after all.