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Tips for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Exam Preparation

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Tips for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Exam Preparation

Cisco Certified Network Associate

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certifications are widely accepted in the industry. Cisco Systems developed it to identify the primary skills needed to install and support medium-sized networks. Certification establishes competence in the installation, configuration, operation, and troubleshooting of routed & switched systems. Certified professionals connect with remote sites using Wide Area Networks (WANs).

Exam preparation for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

The demand for IT professionals is high. Certifications like the CCNA are among the most sought-after and popular that IT pros can get, though getting a foot in the door is not always simple.

CCNA certified individuals have a lot more opportunities now than ever before!

Recently, Cisco’s CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification has been growing in popularity as one of the top networking certificates available for both entry-level and experienced network engineers.

In addition to gaining knowledge about various aspects of an internetworking infrastructure, a CCNA certificate from Cisco makes you highly competitive for roles at reputed companies that require such skills.

You must have computer knowledge and experience in configuring, operating, monitoring, and troubleshooting network switches before you can become a CCNA. Over time, one will become more comfortable with these technologies, and eventually, routers will be configured as well.

Getting ready for the CCNA certification starts with understanding the basics of networking, all the way up to get your hands dirty with exam practice questions.

  1. Make sure you have the right materials for studying

Study materials are an important part of CCNA preparation. The best study materials for your preparation are Cisco’s latest editions of books, which include CCNA Routing and Switching ICND2 and CCENT/CCNA ICND1.

In addition, you can access the 31 Days Before study series, found on the Cisco Press.

You should thoroughly cover the lab exercises and practice questions. You should know and understand binary mathematics at the most basic level. As a result, you can prepare to pass the CCNA more effectively with this knowledge.

  • You are more likely to succeed if you have more practice experience

You will need both theoretical and practical skills to pass the CCNA exam. As you prepare for this difficult test, you should be able to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-world networking problems.

As an example, many people know IP to be unreliable. It is important, however, to be able to obtain an alternative method of troubleshooting communication amongst the nodes on an IP network.

  • Use practice tests to your advantage

Set a practice test deadline for yourself and start practicing early so you can identify areas of your study that need improvement. When you know what your weaknesses are, set realistic goals to improve upon them between studying sessions.

  • Before taking the test, review it thoroughly

Reviewing the lessons again before taking the test is always a good idea. During the second reading, you will be able to work out any kinks in your comprehension and identify anything that may have slipped your mind during your first reading.

Your exams are fast approaching, so you’d better buckle down and start studying. The last couple of weeks have been spent solving problems and searching for new questions on forums and online practice tests.

With this approach, you can complete all the steps in one shot. It is a great time to review what you have learned with CCNA training during the last week. CCNA training online is available in many forms to help you prepare for your exams.

  • You will take the exam quickly and comprehensively

In addition to routing protocols and spanning trees, there will be multiple topics in the CCNA exam. To ensure that we have all the knowledge required to pass these tests, we recommend focusing our study on ICDN, as it is used by Cisco to assess candidates.

Candidates are required to cover the breadth and depth of topics or it can make up one part of your study process.

Furthermore, you have to be agile since you have to answer around 50 to 60 questions within 90 minutes.

Even if you’re well prepared, attempting all the questions in a short period can be stressful. You should try to solve questions from previous years. Your time will be better managed and you will be able to complete the exam.

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