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Choosing a Rug Manufacturer in USA


Matthebasics is a company with an impressive history. The company started in the United States in 1942. Originally called the M.A Trading Company, it was an early innovator in the textile industry. It eventually became the nation’s first air-conditioned textile mill. It developed products such as stretch women’s hosiery and self-iron fabric. In 1942, the company bought Callaway Mills, which allowed it to enter the carpet industry. In 1942, the company officially launched its brand name. Today, the company produces some of the finest red area rug in the market.

In addition to making beautiful rugs, Matthebasics also supports sustainable energy. Whether you have a contemporary or classic home, you can be sure to find a Matthebasics rug to fit your space and your style. You can choose from many different styles and colors to find one that fits your personal style.

Choosing a Rug Manufacturer

If you’re in the market for a new rug, you can find one from a number of different manufacturers. These companies include Amer Rugs, Fabrica, Masland, Surya, and more. You can also shop from their websites for more information. The key is to do your homework when it comes to choosing a rug manufacturer.

Amer Rugs

Amer Rugs is an American company that specializes in the creation of high-end hand-knotted and woven wool area rugs. The company prides itself on innovation and product development. Some of its innovative designs feature bamboo silk and metallic-infused materials. This combination of technology and craftsmanship has allowed the company to gain a reputation for quality, style, and design.


Surya Rugs is a company that manufactures and sells hand-knotted wool rugs in India. It sells its products through a variety of retail distribution channels, including department stores, furniture stores, catalog houses, and the internet. Sales to these retail outlets account for approximately one-third of total Surya sales. Sales to independent retailers account for the other three-quarters of Surya’s sales.

Surya’s rugs are available in many styles and colors, including traditional, transitional, and abstract patterns. Surya also makes 100% cotton rugs and has a variety of patterns and colors to choose from. The company’s designs make it an ideal choice for a variety of design and decor needs.

Surya Rugs is a well-established manufacturer of area rugs and home furnishings. It was founded in India in 1976 and has a worldwide presence. In recent years, it has expanded into other markets, adding accent furniture and accessories. It has a vast collection of over 60,000 items in its inventory.

Surya produces over 2,500 wool and polyester rugs, as well as polyolefin rugs. Its collections feature affordable oriental styles and materials. The Surya Avant Garde line, for example, is 90% polyester and available in close to a dozen sizes. The brand also offers a collection of modern rugs, such as the Surya Isla rug collection, and has even produced a line of 100% polyester rugs.


Fabrica area rugs are crafted using the finest materials and manufacturing technologies. Inspired by a passion for product perfection, they are engineered to achieve the perfect marriage of artistry and performance. The result is a carpet that will complement any room in the home and make a bold statement. Fabrica offers a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes.

The company’s corporate mission is to offer quality without compromise. This means that they utilize only the finest materials, state-of-the-art technology, and highly skilled craftsmen to create their products. Their designers are renowned for their exceptional creativity and uncompromising quality. They continually come up with unique designs and styles that set the industry standard for high-end carpet. In addition to presenting elegant style, Fabrica carpets also quiet the noise levels and control humidity levels.

Fabrica has been in business since 1974. Their carpet collection is primarily comprised of carpets but they also offer hardwood flooring and other specialty flooring. The company is owned by the Dixie Group, which is best known for the Dixie brand. The Carpet and Rug Institute certifies Fabrica products as green and are a good choice for indoor air quality.

Fabrica is the most expensive residential carpet brand on the market. Although Fabrica is an extremely beautiful carpet line, their distribution is limited to high-end dealers in their trading area. The company also makes Masland Carpets, which share the same parent company, but are priced a step lower. When deciding between Fabrica and Masland, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each brand.


Masland Rugs Manufacturer is a well-known name in the rug and carpet industry. Established in Pennsylvania in 1866, the company has been dedicated to producing the highest quality products. Its products are known for showcasing artistic and creative expression. In addition, their products satisfy the desire for beauty.

With many different fiber options, Masland is able to satisfy a broad range of design preferences. The company produces area rugs, broadloom carpeting, and luxury vinyl flooring. Masland also manufactures carpet with stain protection from Stainmaster. Its products include many different types of area rugs and carpeting that are able to resist staining.

The Office to Home Carpet series by Masland includes five different types of carpet tiles. These carpet tiles are 24″ by 24″ and made from nylon fibers. The products come with a limited lifetime warranty and StainMaster PetProtect technology. They are available in solid colors as well as patterned designs.

The company was founded in 1866 by Charles Henry Masland. He was a young soldier who wanted to create a business that would benefit the local textile industry. After the Civil War, Masland moved its headquarters from Philadelphia to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. By the year 1922, the company was producing woven carpet for the Ford Motor Company. The company eventually served as the official supplier of carpet for most of the automobile industry in the U.S.

Masland Rugs Manufacturer had several divisions. One was the residential carpet division and another was the commercial carpet division. The carpet division produced high-quality carpet for the commercial and designer markets. In 1988, Masland shifted its focus to making automotive interior systems.


Karastan Rugs Manufacturer is an American company that manufactures and sells beautiful rugs at affordable prices. The company was founded by Edward Fields, a well-known Chicago department store owner. Fields’s goal was to create a machine-made version of the traditional hand-knotted rugs. This allowed him to make rugs more inexpensively and easily, as well as create more durable rugs.

In 1933, the “Wonder Rug” became an American icon. This was a mystery rug that captivated the nation. It was discovered at a Karastan mill that had grown a rug that looked like a “tree of life.” The executives did not hang it, but rather lay it on the ground.

They have long been popular and sold in showrooms big and small. This allowed Karastan to evolve and become a fashion-forward company.

The company’s designers copied the patterns from hand-knotted rugs. As a result, their rugs were given names inspired by the country where they were originally made. Some of their rugs were named after the famous rug-making regions of Iran, Turkey, and Turkmen. In addition, Karastan has its own unique number coding system. For example, a 9×12 white area rugs requires 1440 spools of thread. The entire process takes seven days.

The Karastan Rugs Manufacturer is located in EDEN, N.C., a town of approximately 15,000 people. The factory’s smokestack is a recognizable landmark of the downtown area. In the past, workers worked three shifts a day. Today, the factory has been in operation for more than ninety years.

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