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How to Build an eCommerce Mobile App in 2022

How to Build an eCommerce Mobile App

Do you also want to maximize your eCommerce sales, but have no idea how to stand out in the competition? Don’t worry! I will tell you how to create an eCommerce app that can attract massive customers and drive maximum sales. 

Look, driving maximum sales for an online store is an easy task (if done right). But, sometimes, it becomes challenging when others are already competing. And, it is when several apps development companies come into the game and help you highlight amongst your competitors. 

In this blog, I have discussed everything, from why you should invest in an eCommerce mobile app to how to make a sales-driving eCommerce app. 

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the blog. Ready?

Let’s go!

Why Invest in an eCommerce Mobile App? 

With the enormous growth of mobile phones worldwide, eCommerce stores have gained immense popularity, and as per the research, by 2040, 95% of purchases will be by eCommerce. That said, Americans spend around 90% of their mobile time on mobile apps only. So, don’t you think that investing in an eCommerce mobile app is a lucrative idea?

Of course, it is.

Besides this, eCommerce mobile applications boost customer loyalty, develop a transparent customer relationship, and many more. 

Please note: You are placing your business in multiple user’s palms, so, ensure that you are doing it rightly. 

7 “Proven to Work” Tips to Create Sales-Driven eCommerce Apps

Create a Simple (Yet Beautiful and Engaging) Design

How to build eCommerce apps for better sales? One of the best ways for maximizing sales is to create eCommerce apps with simply beautiful (yet engaging) designs because the first impression is the last. So, make it count. 

Always think of different ways to attract potential customers. You can also create intuitive mobile app designs by using fewer texts, animations, graphics, and other elements with utmost simplicity. 

Mobile application design has a vital role to play. So try covering different sorts of things. For instance, use a different color scheme (like monochromatic or analogous), focus on spacing, use a single font (throughout the app), and experiment using several effects. 

Simple, Consistent, and Fluid Navigation

Once a visitor starts exploring the mobile application, s/he quickly looks for navigation that directs them to their desired section. That is the reason app owners prefer to build eCommerce apps with fluid (and consistent) navigation. 

Don’t forget to maintain consistency (between visual, functional, and external) as it makes the application more predictable that elicits a positive response from the user’s end. 

Make eCommerce apps with a standard layout throughout the app. Also, you can use the hamburger menu that enhances the menu functionality and gives the website an amazing look. It also makes space for the home page (plus points for mobile phones). 

Quick Login and Checkout

Okay, so now, you have finally created a simple design with consistent navigation. Now, what? Emphasize quick login and checkout if you don’t want to annoy your buyers (obviously, you don’t want to, right?). 

Users always prefer easily accessible apps with hassle-free logins and quick checkout. The preferable situation is to log in via different social network sites (like Gmail, Facebook). 

Similarly, with checkout, create an automated filling detail form, allowance for order modifications, and many more. The checkout option eliminates the upsell interactions and doesn’t make buyers wait (for a longer time) while making a payment. 

Ensure One Hand Input

How to build eCommerce apps to maximize sales? I believe this question is still running through your mind. Well, because there is still another pivotal point left that you can’t miss- one-hand input.  

If you want excellent user engagement for your application, provide a better user experience (UX) by designing one hand-input mobile application, as 49% of users hold their phones with one hand. One-hand input motivates the users to take a specific action effortlessly. Consider placing the following buttons in a thumb-friendly region.

  • Cart button
  • Payment button, and
  • Checkout button
  • Smart Auto Suggestion

One of the most favorable benefits (from the customer’s POV) that you should focus on is introducing an auto-suggestion in your eCommerce application. 

This feature is one of the most convenient features for users as it automatically fills up the details form (minimizing the customer’s efforts). It also gives automatic recommendations based on customer’s past buying behavior. 

Smart audio suggestion benefits the users in many ways like, saves users precious time, minimizes typing errors, shows better searches, and even suggests additional products (or services) that might interest the users. Interesting, no? 

Provide Multiple Payment Options

You have no idea about your customer’s payment method, and this is when you have to play smartly by introducing different payment options. With limited payment options, you will lose your valuable customers, so don’t risk it. 

Moreover, multiple payment gateways open doors for many new customers, which results in an increased conversion rate, better customer experience, and you (as an app owner) can also make your app accessible to worldwide users. Consequently, offering multiple payment options is the perfect thing to do. 

Quick Customer Service

Your app will fall behind if it doesn’t have quick customer service. According to a study, 68% of consumers are ready to pay more for any product (or service) that provides a good customer service experience. So, now do you realize the importance of customer service? 

Users have several queries (or encounter different problems) while using the app, and they expect customer service to solve them ASAP. You can interact with your customers (or users) via SMS, email support, or telephone. It also develops customer’s trust in the app and encourages them to use the app more often. 

In Summary

So, this was it. If you also want to maximize your eCommerce sales and want to stand tough amongst your competitors, build eCommerce apps by practicing the following tips, or you can hire a eCommerce app development company

I hope this blog was helpful to you, and now you have an idea of how to create an eCommerce app. So, what are you waiting for? Go, and make an eCommerce app that attracts customers and maximizes sales.

Good luck!

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