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What Are The Best Physical Engaging Activity For The ADHD Children?


Children with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, it a very common thing to find. Most kids with ADHD are from the age of about 6 years old. Kids with this disorder are not able to concentrate or focus on anything like school, home, or even playing. 

Though this doesn’t mean that your kid with ADHD can’t focus on playing a sport or any extra-curricular activity, it is important for you to pick the exact extracurricular activity for your kid. It will be obvious that some of your choices will be better than others.

The type of activity you choose for your kid depends on what your kid is interested in, or the type of symptoms that the kid portrays. There are a total of three types of ADHD,  hyperactive or even impulsive, or maybe a combination of both. 

If a kid is inactive, then for them playing a very active team sport is too much for them. But a kid who is a bit hyperactive, might not want to wait for their turn in any sport. So it is important to pick the correct sport. 

Best Physical Activities For ADHD Children

To know a few examples of activities that you can choose for your kid are listed here before.


Swimming is one of the most effective outside activities that can help your kid a lot to deal with ADHD. It is one of the most fun and exciting activity for your kid. It provides your kid with exercise and an added skill. 

Swimming helps your kid exhaust their stored energy and help them increase their self-esteem while helping them focus as well. Swimming is an added skill that if learned properly boosts one’s confidence a lot. 

Did You Know: Famous Gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps. Diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 9. Swimming helped Phelps a lot in controlling his ADHD.

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Team Sports

Kids with ADHD are often considered unsocial, hence enrolling your kid in team sports is a serious boost to their social skills. It is important to choose the right team sport for your kid. 

Sports like football or basketball are a great example that encourages the kid’s self-esteem and social skills. Playing in a team sport helps the kid to be freer and helps them to engage with other kids of their similar age. 

Team building sports are a great activity that is very effective in dealing with ADHD kids, it helps them lose their energy a lot and helps them to be disciplined. Read More About the Article Brain Disorders.


Biking is also one example of activities that is quite physically engaging and energy draining. There are a few effective ways, by which biking helps a kid with ADHD. 

  • It improves their attentiveness and reduces their impulsiveness
  • It boosts their mood
  • It enhances their information processing capacity
  • Help the kid to better understand their emotions and feelings
  • It improves their cognitive performances
  • It also helps maintain their BMI by the way of reducing their waist circumference

Arts And Music Classes

If you notice that your kid has an interest in art and culture, and has an interest in art, music, or dance, then it would be in the best interest of the kid to enroll them in a drama club or any cultural club. 

This helps them develop a more cultural skill for them, help them maintain a disciplinary activity, and helps them focus on a single activity. Self-discipline and determination help a kid with ADHD a lot.


If your kid is good at athletics, then the best activity for your kid is as simple as running. It is a very simple act, where your kid can run or even jog solo or even you can join them. 

It drains a lot of energy and is an effective form of exercise and gives your kid a sense of excitement and accomplishment. Running helps the mind and body to calm down and centers them both.

Board Games

If your kid is a bit of an indoor cat, then any physical outdoor activity is technically not needed, in this case, you can opt for any type of board game. 

Board games are very effective into increase the cognitive process of your kid. For a kid with ADHD, who experiences a short attention span, hence playing a board game with help your kid with focusing their attention and focus.  

Board games also help them increase their attention span, and cognitive performance and help increase concentration in the kid. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting An Activity For Your ADHD Kid 

It is important to note that, each ADHD kid is different from the other. So it is important to know what activity to choose and what not to choose when you are choosing an activity for your kid. 

So, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  1. Follow a routine for your kid 
  2. Help your kid achieve their specific goals
  3. Have lesser distractions for your kid
  4. Have a support team to help your kid with ADHD.


You being a parent know your child better than anyone else. So if your child has ADHD, then you should know whatever there is to know about ADHD. Have your kids take an ADHD test and also test for Autism Spectrum Disorder, which is a genetic disorder. 

If they are tested positive for ASD, then you should know what is Autism Spectrum Disorder. And be well aware of the disorder properly. ADHD can be the onset of other fro other disorders as well.

When choosing the right activity, it is important to your what your child might like or dislike. Any activity as such can help your kid deal with and control the kid’s ADHD impulses. Hopefully, these insights will help you to choose the correct activity properly and help your kid deal with their ADHD tendencies.

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