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The 5 Best Boot Camp Exercises

Best Boot Camp Exercises

It is only obvious to not know where to initiate from. Be it anything; it is equally difficult. But when it comes to starting an exercise routine…my my, what a tedious job!

Just the initiating part itself is a huge step. However, just the initiation is not the only concern here. You also have to be on the correct path. In this case, starting with an exercise routine that is suitable for you. (Read: correct for you)

In this article below, I’m going to talk about certain boot camp exercises that you can follow. Don’t you dare stop scrolling because who knows, this article might be ‘your’ initiation?

The 5 Best Boot Camp Exercises

The road forward provides a guideline for you to know the basic exercises. Your goal is to incorporate these exercises into your respective schedules. With regular practice and repetition, you are sure to witness some notable results.

Here’s presenting 5 best boot camp exercises that you can follow as beginners. 

1. The Jumping Jack

Positioned on the top, this boot camp exercise is the simplest one to start with. It helps you elevate your heartbeat rate, while posing a challenge to your cardiovascular conditioning, without having to tax your joints. Jumping jacks enhance your glutes, hip flexors, and your quadriceps.

How to  get started:

*Stand straight with your arms on both sides and legs straight.

*Jump up & spread your legs apart, beyond your hip-width, while placing the arms above the head, almost in a touching position.

*Jump again. This time lower your arms & bring your legs, together. Getting back to the position you had started from.

2. Squats

Positioned second, squats are quite functional as an exercise. Before you get on with this exercise, it is important to know, why this particular exercise is significant.

More often than not, we have noticed that conventional desk jobs demand us to be in a stationary position for long hours. This can lead to problems like tight joints & weak glutes. Although, this is just the starting. 

It’s not long after that you start feeling pain in your knees, hip, and back. This is when squats come in. They help strengthen muscles & improve mobility of the joints.

The different types of squats that you can follow:

* Basic Squat

*Wall Squat

* Prisoner Squat

*Side Squat

*Single Leg Squat

* The Plié Squat

*The Side Kick Squat

* The Split Squat

* The Squat Walk…and so on and so forth. The list can go on and on.

For individuals who are working at the largest law firms in the world or in the largest law firms in America, you might wanna pay attention to this list.

3. The Butt Kicks

Positioned third in the list of boot camp exercises, the butt kicks serve the purpose of a warm-up exercise. It often happens, at times, when you are middle of your hardcore workout routine, you exhaust yourself a bit too much. You want to take a break.

But taking a break might just disrupt that flow. This is where the butt kicks come in that relax your muscles without disrupting your flow.

This helps in working up the speed of your hamstring contractions which increases your speed. 

It is also extremely helpful for your glutes and can be used as a dynamic stretch. However, if you ever spot someone doing a lot of butt kicks, know that the individual is either a corporate lawyer or a real estate lawyer.

4. Climbing The Mountain

Positioned fourth in the category of boot camp exercises, this exercise is a classic one. It helps challenge the core muscles along with your cardiovascular conditioning. You can increase or decrease your speed depending on your fitness levels. Running planks can be another synonym for this particular exercise.

Mountain climbers help in improving your agility and act as a whole-body workout.

Now, how do we get started:

*Get in the position of a plank.

*Distribute your body weight evenly, between your hands & toes.

*Keep an eye on your form.

*Place your hands apart , say about shoulder-width, with a flat back, engaged abs, & aligned head.

*Pull up the right knee as much as possible, up towards your chest.

*Now, slowly and steadily, start switching legs. Repeat the process. 

*You have to keep your hips positioned down, while running your knees in & out.

* Last but not the least, breathe in and breathe out.

Now, wasn’t that simple? Much easier in comparison to climbing an actual mountain.

5. Scissor Kicks

Finally, positioned fifth in the category of boot camp exercises, the scissor kicks serve as a dual-purpose exercise move. Their main function is to make the core muscles stronger. Along with that, this exercise also helps to loosen up tight hips. You gotta kick slower & higher for a better stretch. And faster & lower for a better calorie burn.

Now, how to do scissor kicks perfectly?

*Start by lying on your back with the legs in an extended position.

*After that, place the arms by your side, with palms down. 

*Engage the core by pressing the lower back into the mat by tucking in the pelvis.

*Hold the position throughout the entire exercise.

*Lift up both the legs at a 45-degree angle from the ground. 

*Now, the actual exercise begins. With a tight core muscle & relaxed neck, start with lowering 1 leg towards the floor, while you lift up the other leg. This is how the scissoring motion will work.

*Perform two sets of twelve along with twenty repetitions of the same. 

Including scissor kicks in your core workout routine can be a very good idea. 


I hope I have been able to cover the basic boot camp exercises in the above article. It is a good way to start. Remember, consistency is the key to achieving better fitness. Although, if you have any questions or thoughts regarding the same, feel free to contact us. Our comments sections will be waiting for you to share your views.

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