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Are You Planning To Replace The Tyres On Your Vehicle With A Fresh Set Soon?

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We can fulfil any needs you may have in this area. We are among the most reputable auto repair businesses in the area, and we provide an extensive inventory of tyres somerton in a wide variety of dimensions, styles, and pricing points. This covers quality, affordable, as well as mid-range options for every major brand and model of automobile.

We are also available online.

Utilizing the tyre-finding function on our website will allow you to acquire automobile tyres. Entering the tyre size specifications or the vehicle registration information is all that is necessary for you at this step. You will then be able to choose the product that best accommodates your financial constraints and the demands of your driving.

The following provides more information on our inventory.

We have a variety of car tyres in stock.

Summer tyres

Summer tyres have a more robust rubber composition designed to resist heating up in the sun. In addition to this, it lowers the risk of a blowout occurring on hot surfaces. These models feature a distinctive tread architecture in addition to a small tread thickness. On dry pavement, the grip and control provided by these tyres are exceptional.

Winter tyres

These tyres use a gentle rubber composition with silica incorporated into it. When temperatures drop to dangerously low levels, using this particular tread composition that contains a lot of natural rubber is beneficial. In addition to this, winter tyres often feature a structure with a thicker tread thickness, grooves, and sipes. They do an excellent job of pushing water away from the exterior of the tyre and offer exceptional resistance to hydroplaning.

Tyres suitable for use in any weather

These tyres have a medium tread thickness and a special all-terrain rubber composition. In addition to that, each of these models has a unique sipe density. Because of these one-of-a-kind attributes, the tyre will operate to its full potential throughout the whole year. Despite this, these tyres are an excellent choice for locations that have an average temperature.

Performance tyres

Do you want to obtain an exhilarating experience behind your supercar? In this scenario, high-performance tyres are probably going to be your best bet. These models feature a higher-quality carcass material than their competitors. They lessen the amount of tread degradation that occurs even at incredible velocities. In addition, performance tyres have a low aspect ratio, which helps drivers maintain excellent control of their vehicles even while travelling at full speed and through corners.

Run-flat tyres

Even if one of your tyres blows out, you’ll still be able to travel a given distance at a particular speed if you have run-flat tyres on your vehicle. These tyres contain reinforcements in the form of a rubber ring or additional rubber sheets in the sidewalls. After the tyre has lost some of its air pressure, this helps to keep it from sliding off the rim. As a direct consequence of this, the steadiness of your driving does not have any effect. In addition, having run-flat tyres eliminates the need to contact immediate roadside support in the event of a flat tyre. Alternatively, you may take a trip to a neighbouring workshop, where you can obtain assistance from a trained specialist.

4×4 tyres

Strong and durable, 4X4 tyres feature reinforced sidewalls to better handle the weight of SUVs. These versions feature a rather aggressive tread pattern. Additionally, they come with significantly broader shoulder blocks, which are an excellent feature to have for driving on bumpy roads.

 Mobile tyre installation

Mobile tyre installation is without a doubt one of the most sought-after of the many cutting-edge automotive services that have emerged in this modern day. The idea is straightforward.

Going to a garage each time you have to change or install new tyres does not seem like the most suitable method. Expert mobile tyre installers will come to the site of your choice to spare you from experiencing more stress and concern. They will do the service using a mobile tyre-fitting van that has all of the essential equipment. Because of this, mobile tyre installation is becoming more prominent among vehicle owners in the UK. 

Come see us if you are seeking a tyre fitting on your mobile vehicle. You can rely on the skill and expertise of our mobile tyre fitters to provide you with effective mobile tyre fitting options. We guarantee that you will get the same level of tyre-fitting assistance that you would anticipate getting at our garage.

Imagine that you are preparing to go on a road trip when you discover that one of your car’s tyres is faulty. Maybe you just can’t find the time to squeeze in a visit to the garage for the adjustments.

Mobile tyre fitting spares you the trouble of travelling to a garage, calling ahead to schedule an appointment, and standing in line as you wait for your number in line. Having expert mobile tyre fitters perform the work for you frees you up to accomplish other things with the time you’ve saved.

Assistance at a time of need

The days have long passed when motorists had no choice but to freak out on the side of the road with a flat tyre and there were no garages in the immediate area. Simply making a phone call to a garage that offers mobile tyre-fitting services will result in highly trained specialists along with all the necessary equipment dispatched to your place promptly. In addition, several mobile tyre-fitting firms provide client help around the clock in the event of urgent situations like this one.

Greatest Safety

If you find damage in the tyres of your vehicle, you should not continue driving with them if possible. Doing so puts your safety in jeopardy, regardless of how little or trivial the damage may seem. When it comes to situations like this one, mobile tyre fitting provides the highest possible level of safety. Because of this, you do not have to take your vehicle to a garage to have its tyres serviced. With only one phone call, experienced mobile tyre fitters come to your place.


A mobile tyre fitting business is an alternative that is both cost-effective and convenient when choosing between tyre repair and replacement. It helps you save money on gas driving to and from a facility.

Professional tyre installers

Are you not knowledgeable about how to change automobile tyres? You may experience an unending amount of aggravation if you try to do it yourself. Experts provide a mobile tyre-fitting service. You can also buy tyres newport from our tyre shop.