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Top 6 Best Alternatives Of Popcornflix To Watch Free Movies

Alternatives Of Popcornflix

The scenario of waiting long for your favorite movies to air on television has long gone. I remember how much I used to wait for a Harry Potter movie to appear on the TV. Unfortunately, I missed most chances to watch it because I was unaware of the schedule.

The same me now simply opens an OTT platform to binge-watch my favorite movies or anime anytime, anywhere. However, OTT platforms cost money and as well as has a limited library. Even there might be some other rules and regulations there, and I personally don’t feel okay with it. Whereas free platforms like Popcornflix provides the same facility for free, and you can even share with your family or friends.

Let’s check out other alternatives of Popcornflix to watch free movies. 

What Is Popcornflix?

Popcornflix is an app for free online streaming of movies, television series and shows. You can find one of the widest libraries with hundreds of shows from all around the globe. It includes content from all genres such as crime thriller, comedy-drama, fiction and non-fiction.

The app also allows the users to find everything from cult classics to the latest trends. They range from Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen to recent releases like Good Girls season 4 of Manny Montana.

The app has a simple interface to make the navigation easy, with separate sections for movies and series. You land on a page containing the most popular or recent results when you open the app. Other than that, you can put filters or choose OTT platforms to find the movie of your choice.

Best Alternatives Of Popcornflix For Free Movies

When it comes to watching movies online for free, Popcornflix is not the only option for you. There are multiple other alternatives of Popcornflix that gives you enough resource to feed your movie hunger.

Let’s check out.

1. Crackle

Crackle is a free movie streaming site that is US-based and provides you with a huge collection of Hollywood movies. It includes movies from every genre like sci-fi, horror, action, comedy, romance, and crime thriller.

The interface is pretty similar to Netflix, where you play the video only by touching the thumbnail. The platform has its original series, which are also quite interesting.

However, it may not be available to every country. Also, despite being a free platform, you might get pop-up ads while streaming here.

2. Pluto TV

If you want to have live broadcast television on your mobile, Pluto TV is a one-stop option for you. This platform contains a massive collection of classic to modern content. It allows the users to stream more than 1000 on-demand movies from across genres.

It also facilitates the viewers to stream over 250 channels to watch for free. However, the highlight of this platform is its Spanish content gallery. You can stream original and dubbed Spanish language content from more than 45 Spanish channels. 

3. Vudu

Another free platform to watch movies online is Vudu which has an impressive gallery of old to new movies. However, the platform is best known for its demand to rent or buy new releases. This platform provides you with a huge library of content from various genres.

It has an easily navigable interface where you need no time to find a new release, genre or specific content. The platform also gives the opportunity to watch content in HD, 3D, or 4K. You can rent some of the newest releases of 2021-22 and some cult classics within a few clicks.

4. Vumoo

If you want to watch HD quality content for free of cost, look nowhere else but Vumoo. This platform contains movies and series from across genres like romance, comedy, crime thriller, sci-fi, horror, sit-com etc. you can find top-trending, most popular, latest and top-rated movies in Vumoo.

The homepage is easy where you find all the necessary options to choose between movies and genres. It also comes with a small description of the shows to give the viewer a brief idea.

5. Tubi TV

Tubi Tv is another one of the greatest alternatives of Popcornflix, where you can watch movies for free. It needs no subscription, just like Popcornflix, to allow you to watch the most popular and latest shows. In addition, the app is supported on all devices ranging from iOS, android, Samsung smart TV, amazon fire stick etc.

It provides movies and TV shows from several genres like fiction, non-fiction, documentary, sci-fi, romance, thrill etc. You can find any top-rated, award-winning and nominated films that are not easily available on other platforms.

6. Sling TV

This free online streaming platform is US-based that allows you to stream from more than 200 channels. It streams popular lifestyle networks to renowned news channels based in the US. The platform also provides its viewers with access to more than 80000 on-demand shows and films.

Nevertheless, the most exciting feature of Sling TV to be noted is the streaming service in international languages. It provides some of the most popular films and American shows dubbed in more than 22 global languages. These languages include Hindi, Spanish and Arabic.

The interface of this platform is quite easy and allows you to resume from where you paused. However, users sometimes experience app freeze, which can be a drawback. And this might be some very irritating problems which not liked by anyone. I think you can relate to that.

Wrapping It Up

So, these are the 6 best platforms to watch movies online for free. These platforms are not just some great alternatives of Popcornflix but also have their own exciting features. However, you can also download movies for free apart from streaming them online. Some of the best platforms to do so are torrentbutler and uwatchmovies.

Even you can check many sites there, which are great alternatives to this platform. If you are like my content, then you can visit my author by clinking on my author name and see my others content too. If you have any comments, you can comment down there and let me know.

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