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Airtel recently unveiled its 100th next-generation. Store across india with the launch of. The brand new digital format store on park. Street in kolkata new format store designs. Spacious and minimalistic in appearance and utilize cutting-edge digital technology to create a customer experience with very interactive.

In order to improve customer experience. Thereby retaining existing customers while getting. The new ones india’s largest telecoms provider. Bharti airtel is planning to convert all of. Its 22,000 airtel stores throughout India. Into new generation retail experience stores over the next couple of years.

Based on reports airtel operates 500 of. its own company owned, owned by the company (COCO) stores, of which 100 of them are currently in the next-generation digital format. In addition Airtel also has around 1,500 franchise stores that are all scheduled for a revamp.

The mobile brand has recently inaugurated their 100th next-generation store on Park Street in Kolkata. Created by 8 Inc., the UK 8 Inc, a company based in the UK. 8 Inc, the next-generation stores are equipped. With Quidini’s virtual queue management platform which allows for seamless, transparent and fast resolutions on the kiosks. Vir Inder Nath, the CEO of Retail, Bharti Airtel. Provides Point Of Purchase details about the next generation of digital format stores.

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What’s special from airtel’s next-gen stores

In the last 18 months airtel embarked. On an exciting project as component of project. Next which is its digital innovation initiative. That will transform customers’ experience across all its touch points both on the physical and digital. It was clear that we saw the retail experience. Our customers as a key element to improving our service delivery.

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We spent more than 2500 hours. In observing and talking with our customers. To learn about their issues and solve their issues.

What you get is the result. That you can see now the next generation. Airtel stores which reflect our ethos of. Providing the most seamless and simple customer. Service by using the most advanced technology. Our warm and empathetic “airtel family members”. We are passionate with delivering excellence in every Vir Inder Nath, CEO – Retail, Bharti Airtel Customer moment that will make them friends for the rest of their lives.

Do you want to walk us through the overall layout for the shop?

The Next-Gen Airtel Stores have been developed by 8 Inc. from the UK Based 8 Inc. The stores are spacious and minimalistic in their design. They remove any barriers between customers and the brand. They make use of cutting-edge digital technologies to make the experience for customers extremely interactive, based on the idea of Sharing, Creating, and Experience.

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Share The Share is the area where customers can interact through the Social Wall that collects Airtel customer stories as well as Airtel customer experiences across the country onto an interactive screen. The idea is to motivate customers to think about the possibilities that are offered through Airtel’s Airtel network.

Make: This is a first-of-its-kindinteractive experience that lets customers explore and explore Airtel services. In this area, they can create their own solutions using the Touch Screen Table Top.

experience: New stores include Digital Entertainment Hubs that enable customers to discover and enjoy Airtel’s digital offerings of content such as music, movies Live TV, games and many more. The stores also feature Digital Self-Serve zones that allow customers to pay for bills, purchase an additional SIM and pay for their bills on their own. Additionally, customers can enjoy a live experiences of Airtel network by using an Open Network digital wall and provide real-time feedback.

Airtel has also launched a brand new behavior model for staff in stores to reflect Airtel’s ‘Serve to Solve’ concept that allows employees to concentrate on solving problems for customers. The staff in the store, called ‘Airtel Friends are empowered to provide customer service that is friendly and knowledgeable.

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The Next-Gen stores are equipped with Quidini’s online queue management platform, which will enable seamless, clear and prompt resolutions for kiosks. The store is completely paper-free, is also equipped with conversation hubs that allow customers to converse among “Airtel Friends” regarding their questions.

What is the best way to map the behavior of customers in the shop?

The new design for retail is a reflection of the concept of “Shape Your Future,” which encompasses an environment that puts Airtel as a leading brand that is accessible to everyone and demonstrates how intelligent technology in digital communications can enhance your life.

We also have thought about and planned for how customers to the brand new Airtel store will be treated to a variety of “moments” throughout the store, which will leave an unforgettable impression. These are the interactions between the goods and services available as well as the physical surroundings and customers.

We recognize that a large portion of the customers visiting our website aren’t digital natives and a major job for our team is to convert customers more digitally accessible.

Stores are intended to function as”Do Rooms” and not “Do Room” rather than a showroom for customers to experience new plans and plan modifications, payment and clarifications, all electronically. These “experiences” can be extended via “my Airtel app” and Airtel employees are trained to assist customers to use these easy and clear digital applications

Additionally, with various touch points for communicating the story to customers in the retail space We have identified the most consistent way of expressing that is consistent with Airtel’s brand. Airtel brand.

What do you think your stores on the ground aiding in brand positioning as well as sales?

We can see our Airtel stores living up to our company’s promise which is “enriching lives” by providing a variety of digitally-enabled experiences that are accompanied by warm and caring. Customers can enjoy their preferred content, connect at work or play places, live in their homes and make their own personalized plans for their family and friends that are most appropriate to their requirements.

In addition to opening stores in Kolkata Do you also thinking of opening more Future-Gen shops in different regions of India?

We are currently 100 percent complete across all metros and major cities and are on track to grow to reach some of the 50 most popular cities throughout India

What do you expect to happen in the future in relation to the new format store in digital format?

We’re planning to roll this in 2500 stores throughout India over the next couple of years.