Adult Magazines and Sex Dream Analysis

All the activities regarding sex positions are carried out without the help of the left hemisphere in the processing of speech, reasoning and writing. Without the five main senses available, the right hemisphere takes over, prioritizing a comprehensive, personal and intuitive processing method that deals with information by Erotica Tale in its own way.

Everything is fine until we wake up. When we have had a dream, the dominant left brain (hemisphere) jumps forward to interpret the information, creating a logical and linear story based on the memory. This is where the message gets mixed up, changed, distorted or even lost.

The dream may have nothing to do with sex, but since the left brain processes it, it must have some kind of context that the right brain “saw” or experienced. For some reason it comes with a sexual reference. For instance:

Maybe (story) you dream that you are having sex with someone you hate or find repulsive. Your first reaction is disgust and guilt. You wonder why you even dream about this person, let alone have sex with this person. Of course, don’t tell your boyfriend, your mom, or even your best friend for fear that they’ll judge you.
It’s not as terrible as you might think. The key to understanding these vivid and powerful images is to discover the source of the sexual reference.

Your left brain associates and/or refers to an event or action as:

1. intimacy with something or someone, or
2. to be “in bed” with someone or something, or
3. Introduce yourself to someone or something, or
4. Engaging or becoming involved with someone or something that you dislike or dislike, or
5. Prostitution or desecration of morals or ethics, or
6. You feel disgust or disgust (or guilt) about something (a situation, event, or thing) that you have created, or
7. Engaging in unexpected, unwanted or physical activity

As you can see, there can be many other possibilities (the above list is just a few), so don’t jump to the conclusion that your sexual dream is about sex. Explore the second element in the dream. Story reconstruction and context/correlation analysis. Consider your personal views and beliefs about sex. Look at the language used, the frequency of words and the types of words used to build the story.

We usually only remember a part or parts of a dream, and we usually only remember the part or parts that have an emotional or psychological impact. Thus, the dream you remembered is not a complete dream or a complete story. According to Adult Magazine, we can still get the main message and purpose that we rarely think about at first glance. Even those sweet, sensual and pleasurable sex dreams of our favorite movie stars; A wild, passionate, mind-altering lovemaking session with the partner of our dreams – it has nothing to do with sex.

When trying to analyze any dream, we must keep in mind that, like men and women, the left and right hemispheres do not think alike, see alike, and communicate alike. Do not do that. By reconstructing a story created to match a complete dream in a linear brain, we can discover the message beneath the words.

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