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7 Possible Reasons Your Print Ads Are Not Working

Today, digital campaigns and ads work like magic in influencing people to buy an item or get to know a business. Advertisements appear for your consideration on almost every social media page or website you visit online. Those ads appear based on your mobile activity and history. Indeed, digital strategies today help businesses reach their goals with the help of advertisement curation and targeting.

Ten years ago, digital advertisements weren’t as prevalent as today. Back then, print ads were the kings of marketing. Many people also avail of photo printing services for their marketing collateral. Today, print ads still exist. However, many businesses no longer consider them their top priority due to the power of the Internet.

Though print ads no longer serve as the primary option for marketing, they’re still relevant in the industry. Looking at your surroundings, you’ll see print ads almost anywhere. From billboards to flyers, many businesses still use them because they can unconsciously influence consumers’ buying decisions. 

So if your business is considering using print ads today, it’s a good strategy. However, there are points that you must use to your advantage to ensure they’ll work efficiently. In this post, here are possible reasons your print ads are not working and why you should be careful.

1 – Poor choice of colour combinations

In marketing, colour sets the “mood” of a brand. Your choice of colours will set your brand apart from your competitors in the industry. A good colour combination will be challenging for people to ignore. On the other hand, poor colour combination will surely call for negative feedback or no attention at all.

You may not control how people perceive or treat your print ads, but you can control how they will look and influence people. Don’t hesitate to refer to the colour wheel for inspiration when you’re in doubt. There are also many colour combination ideas you can check online for references.

2 – Poor choice of text font and sizing

Another critical factor that affects a brand’s marketing is typography. Your font helps showcase your brand’s best side and helps evoke emotions. Aside from your font, your sizing is crucial, too. In marketing, a great font and sizing choice evoke brand professionalism and a feeling that people can trust your brand.

When your brand evokes professionalism, you give people the confidence that they can rely on the information you’re presenting. On top of that, your font size can immediately grab the attention of your target audience. For example, you must use a bigger font size for your headings and titles. 

Some businesses make the mistake of using smaller sizes for their titles and call-to-action messages. If you do that, you’re leading your audience’s attention to the wrong information. You must remember that, on average, people’s attention span for ads lasts for eight seconds. So you must maximise that strategically by using accurate sizing for your messaging.

3 – You’re using the wrong image or shapes for your messaging

Another mistake many make when designing a print ad is overusing images. Many think using beautiful stock images will make their ads look better. Yes, ads could look better–however, that doesn’t mean it is necessary.

If you want to use images or shapes for your ads, choose appropriate and useful ones. The photos you’ll include should help deliver the message or call-to-action your brand is implying. Even in marketing, remember that less is more. It’s better to have a straightforward ad than one that uses unnecessary photos for mere aesthetics.

4 – The location where your print ads are placed or given

Another reason your ads don’t work is the wrong location placement. There are many cases when a captivating print ad doesn’t work because they’re on billboards or areas that are out of people’s view. Unfortunately, there are many great ads out there that are victims of improper placements.

That’s why when choosing where to place your print ad, it’s best to research the places or point-of-views that catch people’s attention immediately. Again, people’s attention span for ads lasts for eight minutes, so you must make it count.

5 – The area does not match your demographical targets

Aside from the placement of your print ads, another reason it could not be working is that the site where your ads are does not have the people you’re trying to reach. Do you think your printed ads for luxurious condominium units will work if you place them in a rural community area? Likely, it won’t.

That’s why it’s necessary to research the areas where your demographical targets are. That way, you can place your ads in the areas where your target market is. It’s a waste of money and time to put your ads in areas where your target market is nowhere to be found. So you must research the places where your target market is. 

6 – The messaging of your ads is not persuasive enough

Many ads fail to convey the message and call to action they want to encourage their audience. As a result, their ads are not working and doing the work they’re after. I mentioned earlier that the saying “less is more” is necessary for marketing. Even if it’s plain, if it conveys the straightforward message you want to share, then it’s better.

Many ads use a plain background and text only. And despite their bland aesthetics, those ads can persuade effortlessly and catch people’s attention.

7 – Poor print quality

Last but not least is low-grade print quality. There are many cases when an ad’s print quality affects its efficiency. No matter how well-designed your advertisements are, if the quality of your prints is poor, then it could give the impression that your brand is unprofessional or lacks the budget for suitable marketing options. 

That’s why when opting for print advertisements, I suggest ensuring that the resolution and quality of your prints are top-quality. 

Being mindful of these points will help you maximise your print ads.

Despite living in today’s digital world, using print ads still have advantages. You just have to be strategic and wise in designing and using your print ads to convey your message quickly and seamlessly.

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for DS Colour Labs Ltd (DSCL), a professional photography lab that offers a vast range of products and services for photo and print needs.