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6 Steps to Choose a Software Development Company

Just type “Software Development Company UAE” with the prefix “Software Development Company Delhi” into Google and you’ll get millions of results. It is impossible to sift through all these results – so how do you find out the right web design company for you?

This article is based on the views of business consultants and experts and has been created to describe the entire process of choosing a Software Development Company UAE in a structured manner.

Step 1: Planning and Searching – Sounds simple, but this is the foundation of all your efforts in selecting a suitable software development company. Before you know the capabilities of the Software Development Company UAE you are looking for, plan your requirements. To be specific, know:

The role of your new software

The intended market or target audience of your software

Your budget

Step 2: Letters of Recommendation – Letters of recommendation are helpful for almost all companies. It’s an intensive Software Development Company UAE software development company you are choosing. Ask your acquaintances, friends, Facebook, Orkut and Linked-in friends and colleagues for reviews. – Make a list.

Step 3 Rating – After asking your friends for their opinions, you need to rate the company profiles you have shortlisted. This requires extensive research. You can divide your evaluation process into four main subsections:

Portfolio – The portfolio is the secret window to identifying a Software Development Company UAE. Every company calls it their magnum opus, but the portfolio removes doubt and builds confidence. Check if the projects in their portfolio have a clear and consistent quality. Has the company delivered software for companies in your industry? Also read case studies and success stories from satisfied customers.

Experience – Evaluating a company’s experience is not about looking for companies with decades of hands-on experience. Although the number of years matters, evaluating experience also means that you should look for a company that has extensive experience in different business areas and with professionals and specialists from different backgrounds.

Fees – One Software Development Company UAE may offer great and better services than another, but you need to evaluate the fee structure of both companies. The WYPIWYG factor applies to every company. So if you’re going to pay something, make sure you’re getting something for your money.

Technology – When it comes to your software, a Software Development Company UAE must be technologically competent. Check how often they have updated their technology and if they have done projects in the technology you are looking for your software.

Deadlines – Your company can suffer serious losses if you cannot meet the deadlines. Check to see if the company is able to deliver the work within the established deadlines. Many companies promise shorter delivery times than others, but make sure your Software Development Company UAE has set a firm deadline for delivering a fully functional, bug-free website.

Step 4 Responsiveness – How quickly will the company respond to your requests? Read the company’s website to find out what post-sales support they offer.

Step 5 Request for Proposal (RFP) – By now, you’ve probably selected a few software companies. Now it’s time to ask them for quotes, which should include the following:

Overview of your requirements

Proposed solution

Cost estimate for the project
Time schedule (preferably in hours)

Step 6 Evaluate the proposals – Evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria:
Quality of the proposal
Strengths and weaknesses of the company

After completing the above process, you can compare and select a specific software company that understands your business.

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