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04 Ways to Double Your Money


Doubling your money is a badge of honor, often used as an honorary privilege at events and near the Thanksgiving dinner table. False promises of double money can be made by extremists or worse off counselors, fraudsters, and swindlers. Perhaps the desire to double that amount of money comes from the very heart of investors — a risk-taking part of our love of money.

When it comes to trying to do that, however, two important factors need to be considered: time and risk. This refers to both your (investment) and risk tolerance, as well as the investment profile itself, as the time it can take for a double investment, which is also a function of investment risk.

The horizon of time and risk tolerance

Your investment period is the most important decision of the investment risk you can handle and usually depends on your age and investment objectives. But what if they save to buy a house during the next year? If so, their risk tolerance will be minimal as they will not be able to lose large sums of money in the event of a sudden market downturn, which could jeopardize their initial investment goal of buying a home.

Similarly, a common investment strategy suggests that retirees should be invested in “safe investments” such as bonds and bank deposits. But in times of low-interest rates, that strategy carries those risks, especially loss of purchasing power. Additionally, a retired person in his 60’s who is receiving a decent pension and who has no money to buy a home or other debts is likely to be at risk. Try first to double 100 dollars.

Now let’s turn to the “timing and risk” features of the investment itself. An investment that has the potential to double your investment in one or two years is undoubtedly the most exciting thing. The problem here is that an exciting, high-growth investment is likely to be more flexible than the “Steady Eddy” type of investment. When investment volatility increases, it becomes riskier. This is the ever-increasing volatility or risks the amount an investor pays to attract higher profits.

How long does it take to double a person’s money?

Rule 72 is a well-known shortcut to calculating how long it will take for an investment to double if its growth is compounded every year. Just divide by 72 by your expected annual refund amount. A result is the number of years it will take to double your money. When dealing with low refund rates, Act 72 provides the most accurate measure of duplication. Take time to make the investment double the value.

Four Ways to Double Your Money

Doubling your money is a realistic goal that most investors can aspire to and is not as tragic as it may first seem to a new investor. Do you want to double your money in a day?

Be very honest with yourself (and your investment adviser, if you have one) about your risk tolerance; finding out that you do not have a stomach ache when the market goes down by 20% is a very bad time to get this and it can be very dangerous for your financial well-being.

Do not let the two emotions that drive many investors — greed and fear have a negative impact on your investment decisions. Be very careful of instant richness schemes that promise to “guarantee” high results with minimal risk, because there is no such thing.

In general, there are five ways to double your money. The method you choose depends largely on your risk perception and your investment time. You could also consider using a combination of these strategies to achieve your goal of doubling your money.

The Old Way — Gaining Gradually

When it comes to the traditional way of doubling your money, that trade is far from realistic. A time-tested method of doubling your investment over a limited period of time is to invest in a solid, balanced portfolio that separates between blue-chip shares and investment distance bonds.

The S&P 500 Index — the most widely used indicator of blue-chip shares — returned about 9.8% year-on-year while corporate bonds returned 7.0% annually. Therefore, the old 60/40 portfolio (60% shares, 40% bonds) would have returned about 8.7% per annum during this period.

Note, however, that a large amount of flexibility often accompanies such positive results. Additionally, a very high return compared to the historical process may reduce the effectiveness of future returns.

Safe Mode

Just as the fast track and the slow-moving track on the highway will eventually reach the same destination, there are quick and easy ways to double your money. If you choose to play it safe, bonds can be a small journey to grow hair in the same place.

Consider zero-coupon bonds, for example. To the unemployed, zero-coupon bonds may sound intimidating. In fact, they are easier to understand. Instead of buying a leaky bond at a regular interest rate, you are buying a discounted discount on the maturity rate.

Another hidden benefit is the lack of risk of re-investment. With regular coupon bonds, there are challenges and risks of re-investing interest rates as they become available. For zero-coupon bonds, there is only one payment, and it comes when the bond matures. This is a risk factor that should be considered by an investor who does not intend to hold a zero-coupon bond to maturity.

Predictable Method

Although slow and solid it may work for some investors, others find themselves falling asleep in the wheel. Stock options, such as easy placement and calls, can be used to guess at any company. For many investors, especially those with fingers in a particular industry dynamic, options can charge portfolio performance.

Each stock option may represent 100 shares. That means the company price may need to raise only a small percentage for an investor to hit one in the park. Be careful and make sure you learn properly to flip $500 dollars before you try it.

Finally, extreme hunting can turn cents into dollars. You can roll the dice at one of the many former blue-chip companies that sank under the dollar. Or, you can dip some money into a company that looks like the next big thing. Just remember that low prices for these stocks reflect the feelings of many investors.

Try cryptocurrency

As Bitcoin grows in popularity and becomes more widespread, other cryptocurrencies have also emerged in recent years as one of the most popular ways to speculate to make quick money. Although Bitcoin has increased by 60% by 2021.

Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency platform is a fertile hunting ground for fraudsters, and there are many cases of crypto investors who lose a lot of money through fraud. Therefore, prospective cryptocurrency investors should be careful when investing their hard-earned money in any cryptocurrency. You can turn even 500 into 1000.

The Best Way

While it may not be as fun as watching your favorite stock in the evening news, the undisputed heavyweight champion is the same employer contribution at 401 (k) or another retirement-sponsored retirement plan.

What’s even better is that the money coming into your system comes from above what your employer reports to the IRS. You will not find company parallels, but tax revenue alone is huge. A traditional IRA has the same immediate tax advantage as 401 (k).

What Is The Best Way To Double Money Quickly?

It really depends on your risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and preferences. A balanced approach that combines investing in a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds works for most people. However, those with more risky ambitions may choose to engage in unpredictable assets such as small stocks or cryptocurrencies. While others may prefer to double their investment in real estate investments.


If you have a dangerous appetite and want a sizzle in your container, allocate a small portion of your portfolio to aggressive strategies and investments. Always save to buy a house and keep a down payment on a savings account or other risk-free investment.