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10 Points to consider before finalising a PhD dissertation

A dissertation is research-based writing on a specific subject. The students cannot get a degree from a university without submitting a dissertation. Dissertation writing is quite stressful at the PhD level, and students make many mistakes in it. The best way to attempt PhD dissertation writing is to break it into small chunks and then write it. This way, you can avoid mistakes in the dissertation. For many students, dissertation writing is quite a hectic task. When you start doing it from a learning perspective, you will learn plenty of knowledge about a specific topic. The dissertation aims to analyse the skills students have learned in their university life. Dissertation writing helps teachers to determine the final grades of each student. In order to end up with something effective, it is necessary to ensure some important points. As per its importance, this article aims to discuss 10 point which needs to be ensured before submitting PhD dissertation.

Why Writing a PhD Dissertation is Important?

The main purpose of PhD dissertation writing is to write research on a specific topic and present logical reasoning to support the thesis statement. You must write all information in a well-organised manner that follows the academic guidelines. When students start composing dissertations writing, they experience so many problems, but the key is how they handle all the pitfalls and problems. PhD dissertation writing is a comprehensive process, and you may be frustrated, but you will learn a lot during the whole process.

Which Points Need to be Ensured Before the Final Submission Of PhD Dissertation?

I have listed some common points of PhD dissertation that you need to ensure before submitting it. It is not an easy task to address them all, but you have to do it. Hence, a brief description of each point is as follows:

No Lack of Originality

Copied content is one of the most common dissertation mistakes that students make. If you want to succeed in PhD dissertation writing, your dissertation must ensure that it has original content, and your work must be without plagiarism. You must conduct relevant research before submitting the proposal to the supervisor. In this way, you can ensure that there is no lack of originality. 

No Lack of Focus and Interest

When you select a topic, you need to ensure that your topic must be focused and related to your field because if you have an interest in the topic, then you will have plenty to say about that topic. All important points of your topic that you need to discuss in your thesis should have interesting facts and figures. The best way to attempt the PhD dissertation is to outline all content and research. Try your best to make your dissertation interesting and create a proper flow because several people will read your dissertation to give you feedback.

No Unfitting Opposing Viewpoints

Unfitting opposing viewpoints makes your dissertation useless, and it cannot stand out at all. When you start the PhD dissertation, do plenty of research on your topic and explain your arguments in a balanced tone. Do not be blindsided in your dissertation. Many researchers defend only one point of view. It is not the right approach. So, you have to ensure there is no unfitting opposing viewpoint.

Every Point Should Be Clear 

Another thing you need to ensure is that your dissertation flow should be clear and easy to understand. Even a well-researched dissertation lacks clarity in writing. To avoid a lack of clarity, proofread your drafts and send them to other people for feedback before submitting them to your supervisor. Check that your PhD dissertation is without ambiguity. Your dissertation must be well organised, which will help maintain clarity.

Enough Contexts for the Study is There 

Ensure that your dissertation has a firm contextual foundation. You have to start your dissertation with a good introduction and outline all important contextual factors of your topic. The context of your PhD dissertation must tell the reader what is going on in the field. Do not consider any assumption that your reader already knows this or that fact. You must write everything from start to end on a specific topic to ensure this dissertation point.

Perfect Research Topic That is Not Too Broad

As a good researcher, you are responsible for solving problems and giving solutions. If your research topic is too broad, you cannot focus on any one important aspect of your topic and cannot generate meaningful solutions. Try to use authentic resources for your research and get the best topic which is not too broad. This point needs to ensure at the very start. 

Aligned Research Aims and Objectives

In PhD dissertation writing, misaligned research aims and objectives make it useless. Your research objectives must be aligned with three elements: aim, objective and research question. The alignment of these elements is very important because it helps ensure that the researcher’s research is based on authentic and well-designed logic. So, check this point before you submit a dissertation.

Perfect Title

The Wrong title can also make your dissertation ineffective. Your dissertation must have a unique and captivating title. A good title increases the significance of PhD dissertation as it attracts the reader and makes your dissertation well structured.

Proper Referencing 

To make your research believable, every researcher must give authentic references and citations from which they got the data. So, you have to ensure proper referencing in the dissertation. Most researchers do not know how to make references and citations. To avoid incorrect references, I advise you to list down all the references you will be using when conducting research from different databases. Your reference must be in proper style and without spelling errors. For support, you can ask experienced researchers working at PhD dissertation writers.

Error Free Dissertation 

Having grammatical and sentence structure mistakes makes your dissertation unprofessional. Proofread your dissertation to ensure it is error-free and relevant to the topic.


When you start writing PhD dissertation, it is suggested to make it original and ensure it is error-free. Conduct relevant research on a selected topic, and your PhD dissertation tone must be clear and without any ambiguity. Pay serious attention to formatting and grammatical errors because they greatly impact the reader. Hopefully, you will learn from all the above-mentioned dissertation mistakes, and they will help you to write a good dissertation.