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10 Household Items that are Difficult to Move

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Moving from one place to another can be difficult and painful. It really hurts. Bending over to lift a box or load it into a truck can be painful, as it can cause back pain. By the end of the whole moving process, your whole body will be sore.10 Household Items that are Difficult to Move

But there are professional packers and movers in Dubai Marina who can work on your behalf and make your move much easier and hassle-free. There are many household items that require proper packing to transport them safely to their destination.

There is always a risk of damage to the items during transport if they are not packed properly or transported in the appropriate vehicle. But when professional removals specialists are hired, this risk is minimised because they handle the goods with care.

More often than not, no item is easy to move from one place to another. However, there are certain items that are difficult to handle and transport. Even the best movers and packers in Dubai Marina in your city will agree on this.

Professionals Movers and Packers in Dubai Marina

Some mover companies even refuse to move such items because they are not properly trained or they do not have the proper tools to handle such items.

Most people are able to predict which items are difficult to move. These are usually furniture, glassware, appliances, etc. These items require special attention to be packed and transported safely and successfully to their destination.

But some people underestimate when it comes to moving and therefore experience difficulties and stress on moving day. To help you better prepare for your upcoming move, here’s a list of 10 household items that are harder to move than they seem.

1. Antiques and artwork
Moving art objects is a whole art form and can be a stressful task. Many people are very fond of antiques and art objects. When they have to move from one house to another, they also need to move art and antiques. More often than not, such items have a huge monetary value.

No one wants them to be damaged in transit, as this would result in a large monetary loss. This is what makes transporting works of art and antiques very difficult. Packing antiques or works of art is also more challenging because of their unusual shapes and sizes.

Although you can find plenty of advice online on how to pack art and antiques carefully, we recommend that you hire professional packers and movers in Dubai Marina to stay on the safer side.

  1. electronics and electrical goods
    Electronics are most often fragile by nature. They can be damaged even in a minor collision. For example, a TV, computer monitor, laptop, gadgets or other electronics can easily break if they are not packed correctly.

Electronics and even electrical goods require special handling and proper technique when preparing for a move. It’s best to entrust this work to experienced packers and movers so you can be sure there will be no damage during transport.

You’ll find plenty of tips and advice on how to pack electronics, how to move electronics safely, etc., but make sure you don’t dumb down, so always trust experienced movers.

  1. fragile items such as glassware and china
    Glassware, china and silverware are very fragile household items. They can easily brok even in a minor accident. These items usually have a high monetary value.

Some items may also have a sentimental value. Handling such items requires special care and proper technique. Bubble wrap, foam peanuts and suitable types of boxes are need.

If you want to tackle the task yourself, make sure you can do it. If you want to keep yourself safe, however, leave the task to professional movers and packers in Discovery garden Dubai.

  1. Religious items – idols, statues, frames etc.
    Religious objects such as statues of gods and frames are also fragile in nature. Like glass and porcelain dishes, they can damage even by a minor collision.

Damage to religious objects is not consider a very unfortunate occurrence. Many people believe that damage to religious objects, such as idols of the gods, brings bad luck to the family, and therefore these objects should handle with care. Wrap the idols in bubble wrap with extra layers of wrapping. Transport them to a new home on your own with due care.

  1. Relics and objects of sentimental value
    Legacy items (gifts), whether or not they have monetary value, are consider valuable items because of their great sentimental value
  1. House plants
    Moving plants can be a challenging task. This is because all moving and packing companies do not move plants. So extra care is needed when moving plants. You need to handle the situation very carefully.

If your plants are in ceramic or plastic pots, you can simply put them in boxes and place them on the back seats of your car. It would be better to find a moving company that can make special arrangements for moving your plants.

  1. Aquarium with fish
    Moving an aquarium full of fish is not an easy task. If you have an aquarium with fish then you definitely have a big challenge. You may find yourself in rough waters because you will have to move an aquarium full of water.

The aquarium is make of glass. So it is also fragile by nature. You cannot drain the water from the aquarium because the fish cannot survive without water. Therefore, it would be extremely difficult to move an aquarium full of water and fish.

If you move for a short distance, you can move the aquarium you are keeping. But if you move for a long distance, it would be a wise decision to sell or donate the whole aquarium.

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  1. Furniture
    Furniture is irregular and bulky. Handling them and preparing them for a move can be a big challenge for you. If you are moving the furniture yourself, then disassemble it first so that you can easily wrap and prepare it for transportation.

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Hiring the best furniture movers can be the best solution to move the furniture from one place to another.

  1. Televisions
    You like a bigger television because it provides you with a better viewing experience. But when it comes to moving a bigger television from one place/city to another, then it can be a big challenge for you.

Whether it is a small television set or a large television set, they are fragile nature. You need to handle the situation carefully so that you can safely transport the TV set to its new residence. It is advisable to pack the television in its original packaging.

If you do not have the original packing materials, then you need to buy the right types of packing materials. Your movers can best advise you on the necessary packaging materials and boxes.

It would be best to let your movers pack your TV on your behalf because they have specially made TV boxes, stuffing supplies and know the right TV packing techniques.

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  1. Special equipment
    Special equipment such as musical instruments, sports and gym equipment expand the list of things that are difficult to move. Moving this special equipment can be a challenging task for you. They are difficult to transport due to their mass and irregular shapes and sizes.

Some equipment is extremely heavy to lift, such as a piano. Expert help is highly recommend to move such special equipment. Find out about the right packers and movers in Downtown Dubai who can also move your special equipment.

The bottom line
In addition to the aforementioned difficult-to-move items, there may be many other household effects that can make moving them a problem for you. Bikes, cars, heavy and bulky items, built-in items and pets are also difficult to move. So, if you really want to make your life easier during your move, hiring experienced and reliable packers and movers is the best solution.